One of the most important aspects of your new Web site is keeping it updated and fresh at all times. For example, nothing looks worse than having an out-of-date announcement or an inactive link on your site. Everett Street Consulting can make sure this doesn't happen by:
Working closely with you or your representative to learn what updates are necessary and when. Just e-mail your monthly changes and consider it done!
Checking each link on your site every month to ensure they continue to be active. Your users won't be frustrated by links that won't work!
Making recommendations for new web elements, such as graphics or animations, that will add pizzazz to your site.
Do you want to make your own changes to your text and graphics? Everett Street Consulting also offers one-on-one training to help you update your new or existing Web site. We can train you in the areas you need help with, such as:
Internet Explorer and Netscape How to FTP your files to the server
Macromedia Dreamweaver HTML
Adobe Photoshop Microsoft Products
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