From fonts to colors, designing for the Web is much different than designing for print. Everett Street Consulting can help you understand the differences and will make recommendations that will help your Web site meet the needs of your users. Below are samples to help you make design element decisions.

The most common fonts you will find on the Web are Arial and Times New Roman. With all the fonts available today, it's hard to understand why this is so. Because Internet users may not have unusual fonts installed on their machines, and because different browsers render font sizes differently, these two fonts are the the best choice. Many people believe that Arial is easier to read on the Internet than Times New Roman.

  • The font used in the Everett Street Consulting Web site is Arial, Size 2.
  • This is an example of Arial, Size 3.
  • This is an example of Times New Roman, Size 2.
  • This is an example of Times New Roman, Size 3.
  • You may use the styles Bold and Italic on your Web site, but underlining should be reserved for links.
Colors The color palette for Web design is limited to 216 colors. These are called "Web Safe Colors." There are marked differences between the manner in which PCs and Macintosh computers interpret colors that are not Web safe -- greens may be brown; browns may be red. Everett Street Consulting wants your Web site to look the way you intended it to look on all computers and uses nothing but Web Safe colors.
Bullets, Buttons &
Everett Street Consulting will design custom bullets, buttons and horizontal rules for your Web site. You will be consulted regarding your preferences, and then you will be given an opportunity to choose from different samples. Once you have made a selection from the samples provided, the design of your Web site will continue. Your opinion matters, and under no circumstances will you be asked to accept a design element that you dislike.
Backgrounds Textured backgrounds can add a finished look to your Web site. There are literally thousands to choose from, and Everett Street Consulting will work hard to find the one that's right for you. If you prefer, the background can be a color chose from the 216 Web Safe Colors.
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